Omexom Umspannwerke GmbH


Omexom's range of services starts with energy generation. In Germany, our services for operators of power plants focus on feeding the power generated from conventional fuels and renewable resources into the grid.

We can build complete solar installations and connect the power generated in onshore and offshore wind farms to the grid. We also connect biogas plants to the grid and offer the complete local and district heating infrastructure for such plants.

Our vision: We help shape the shift in our energy system towards greater use of renewable resources. Our focus is on ecological, economic and social requirements. We plan and build infrastructure for wind power, geothermal energy, solar installations and biogas plants and ensure they operate efficiently and without interruption. That includes developing and establishing new types of partnership.

Our services for power plants extend beyond feeding power to the grid. We offer a full range of services for the electrical infrastructure of power plants,  from earthing to warning lights on the highest points for air traffic safety, and from fire prevention to lighting systems.