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Project implementation

We implement our projects on a stage-by-stage basis in conjunction with our own dedicated planning and engineering departments. We can either assume full responsibility for every aspect of the project from plant planning to procurement and construction and acceptance of the turnkey plant or else take charge of a partial stage such as a transformer or switch replacement or the expansion of an existing plant.

The comprehensive technological expertise we bring to the table means that we are actively involved in all key industries. These include energy, network expansion, network infrastructure, regenerative energy systems, infrastructure, expansion of transmission networks, mining, automotive branch, chemical sector, petrochemicals and steel.

Omexom’s seven stages leading from design to the finished plant

1 Design planning

Our many years of experience mean that we are able to use feasibility studies and detailed pre-planning as a basis for supporting our customers with the planning and construction of high, medium and low voltage plants and assist them in negotiations with network operators. The business evaluation of all trades also forms part of the design planning process. We also work in close conjunction with specialist architects if necessary.

2 Execution planning

This is an area in which we bring the synergies with other companies in the VINCI Group to bear. Our comprehensive network of expertise means that we have access to a pool of skilled labour within the individual business units that extends across all important areas.

3 Project implementation

Our project planning and management know-how comes to the fore during the execution of construction works. During the implementation process, we link up all the service providers involved in such a way so as to ensure smooth execution of the project.

4 Procurement and acceptance of plants

We have general service agreements in place with all the major manufacturers. These enable us to secure the procurement of components, plant parts, installation materials and cables under favourable terms and with good levels of availability. We can disassemble your old plant on request and install the new plants – all the way to final acceptance.

5 Electrical and functional tests

Prior to commissioning, we undertake detailed checks to ensure that the plant is fully functional. We simulate various circuit statuses for this purpose. This is the only way of providing a secure guarantee for the work we have carried out.

6 Commissioning

Our commissioning engineers are highly qualified staff whose role it is to commission, service and maintain plants and systems. This ensures smooth coordination on site.

7 Training courses

The training courses that take place following or during the commissioning process are also conducted by our commissioning engineers. The functioning system or plant is presented to the customer, and the customer and all relevant staff receive induction training on how to work with the plant. The aims of the training courses are to ensure smooth operation of the plant and to enable a technical check of all functions. This means that everything runs in a trouble-free manner both technically and with regard to the employees.

Plus: Operations management

We organise and implement the technical operations management of electricity networks of various voltage levels. Our focus here is on achieving secure and cost-effective network operations.

Example project:


We worked in conjunction with our customers to conduct technical experiments together with Alstom and RTE. We were investigating the future guidance system for an intelligent HVB transformer substation. We worked with the customer and the customer’s industrial partners to establish a mixed team. This enabled us to make use of our professional expertise at the very highest level.

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