• Comprehensive non-brand dependent solutions via the bundling of professional expertise
  • Many years of experience and technical know-how provided by over 12,000 specialists
  • Linking our local presence and customer proximity with the international expertise and flexibility of the Omexom Network

A warm welcome to the Omexom website!

The heads of Omexom's Business Units (from left to right): Uwe Winkler, Omexom GA Süd GmbH, Andreas Bayer, Omexom GA Nord GmbH, Jean-Francois Scelles, Commercial Manager of Kaufmännischer Leiter des Pôles VED -Infrastructure, Frank Westphal, Head of VED-Infrastructure, Guido Seifen, Omexom Hochspannung GmbH,Otto Trautner, Omexom Frankenluk GmbH, Uwe Jäger, Omexom Umspannwerke GmbH

We are delighted to have this opportunity to provide you with more information on the Omexom brand and to illustrate the enormous potential that we can tap into and develop by working with you.

Energy has always been an important and exciting topic that is frequently also controversial. Regardless of where in Germany or in the world you are located, there is one thing that we all have in common. In order to do successful business, we need energy and solutions for the provision of energy that are tailored to our own requirements. This particularly applies, of course, to commercial enterprises and companies. Any this is precisely where Omexom comes in. Network expansion and the provision of suitable solutions and concepts are not tasks that we tackle alone. The large network in place at VINCI Energies enables us to bundle together the areas of expertise, experience and manpower to meet and beat every challenge.

This is why our senior management team is so proud of what we are able to offer and show you here. The ability to pool the resources of all the established brands under the Omexom umbrella provides a huge opportunity for both us and you. The advantages we can offer all work to your benefit. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Our colleagues at all locations and the senior management team are looking forward to accompanying you going forwards in accordance with the VINCI slogan: “Move into the future with us – your best partner in the progress of technologies”.


Best regards
Frank Westphal
Head of VED Infrastructure and Managing Director of Omexom Service GmbH

The management teams of Omexom Hochspannung GmbH, Omexom Umspannwerke GmbH, Omexom Kraftwerk Service GmbH, Omexom Ebehako GmbH, Omexom GA Süd GmbH, Omexom GA Nord GmbH aund Omexom Frankenluk GmbH.

The history of Omexom